sunrise at putney bridge walkthrough - halo-photographic landscape,urban &low light photography
beautiful sunrise

This photo of the sun rising over Putney bridge was taken at sunrise 07.12 am.

i have been and photographed this place many times as it is very accessible ,the bridge is photogenic with its light stone construction and ornamental lighting there is also plenty of activity on the bridge with buses and people,and the thames making a nice foreground interest,

i had arrived here about an hour earlier and had got some good shots then the sky started to get brighter and more colourful,

The sky was getting brighter and more colourful whilst the bridge  and water was still in shadow i wanted to keep the bright colours of the sky and visible detail in the bridge i wanted detail and sharpnes. so i used my lee nd grad filters to hold back the sky keeping the colours and keeping detail in the bridge i stared off with a 0.9 nd grad and added a 0.6 for good measure, to make the water more silky i also added a 0.9 nd filter i set my iso to 50 for minimum  noise set my av to f18 for max dof giving me an exposure time of 30 secs, this may  seem short  for the amount of  added dark  glass in front of the lens and low iso but remember it was now getting very light.  once the the settings was sorted i took off the filters to recompose and set hyper focal distance then reinstated filters and fired off some shots checking the histogram and playback briefly as i didn't want to miss this brief moment.

it is not until you get home and download your photos  and look at them 100%  will know  if you captured the moment  with all the detail and colours you saw and wanted to record.

it doesn't always go to plan but when it does its worth the early cold mornings.

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