ipad air 2 photography workflow - halo-photographic landscape,urban &low light photography
moored up

can the iPad air 2 be used effectively  for photography workflow when travelling this is the question i wanted answering before i invested in one,

After extensive research i came to the conclusion that with a couple of accessories it could be used to view,tag and make small adjustments if you needed to upload the photos on the fly,

   first the latest i pad can read raw files as well as there are 3rd party programmes that will read and edit them, i found the latest i pad to be quick to upload and read raw files although all photos go through to the camera roll first,

the first task was to get the raw files off the camera and onto the iPad this can be done  with either a lead from the lightning port of your iPad direct to your camera or from a card reader in my case an sd card reader these items are standard extras with the iPad ,

once on there you can view or edit as you like you can also choose which photos you upload just incase you only want to look at a specific one,

the next part which was the one that made the decision for me to buy was the ability to store the photos elsewhere freeing up memory on your iPad and this was the sandisk wifi usb stick which basically is a wireless usb stick with it's own built in wifi and removable memory,you may wonder why not use just a normal usb stick but the iPad does not generate enough power to run this,

once you have installed the software from sandisk you can download and upload files as you wish just connect to the sandisk card and turn on the stick and away you go 'this stick also stores and plays other media and you can download or upload the data to and from  your computer at home,

this is ideal for me when i travel although you will have to do your own research to see if this is suitable for you, 

i cannot guarantee this will suit every body and you will have to make your own conclusions depending how you work this just suits the way i work i am able to view my photos on a better screen  and back up my photos  and download to my computer for editing when i return,

hope tis is a help to anyone thinking on the same lines as me you will have to decide if this is the right course for you

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