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breaking dawn part 3
Breaking dawn part 2

 2 photos of Thatchers rock at low tide on the south Devon coast  at sunrise.

These two photos were taken on the last day of a family holiday to Torquay.

With family holidays its hard to devote some serious time to making some good images i usually find the best time is early morning before everyone is up and about, i scouted this location the day before in wet conditions and a high tide and could see the potential there.You could see some of the larger rocks with the waves breaking over them so thought that they would provide some fore and mid ground interest to anchor the photo together with Thatchers rock providing the background,

i looked at my tide table app which i had been looking at all week for a good low tide and knew the tide would be at it's lowest at 07.45am the next day which coincided with the sunrise time of  approx.07.30am i also had consulted the photographers ephemeris as a matter of habit to check were the sun would rise and as you can see it was right over Thatchers rock.

All i had to now was wait for next morning ant let nature take its course i arrived about 06.30 and went down on the deserted beach and took some test shots i used my usual setup of lee nd grad filters to hold detail and colour in the sky whilst still keeping detail in the foreground although i slightly underexposed as the sky was the most important and i knew i could pull the details out of the foreground back at home.

I try to get everything right in camera so i can remember the scene how i saw it and not how i thought i saw it a week ago,or when i get round to downloading them,

sometimes nature is on your side other times not you just have to make sure your there at the chosen scene and if everything comes together it's upto you to document it.

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