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moored up

this photo of Richmond bridge Surrey which is about 20mins from home was taken recently,

i have been to this area many times but this is the first time i have taken time to photograph it seriously, after looking at the app the photographers ephemeris to determine where and when the sun would rise and a scout the day before to determine the low and high  tide i set off.

the sun would rise about 0730am this photo was taken at 0643 at civil twilight,

i set my tripod down on the foreshore at low tide and determined through the viewfinder the composition i wanted once i was satisfied i worked out the hyper focal distance using my app and set my lens to the required distance then switched to manual focus .

my camera settings were iso 200 at f8 for a decent dof which gave me a 30 sec,exposure time

the reason for these settings were that i didn't want a too long exposure time for fear of anything directly in the water would be too blurry i wanted the boats in the foreground to have some sharpness and detail once i was happy i made a test shot and checked the exposure on the histogram to make sure my exposure was as bright as possible without any blown highlights the photo may look a bit washed out but when we shoot in raw we can pull those colours back and keeping the noise in the shadows to a minimum i also zoomed on the playback to determine to make sure everything was in focus and sharp, i then took a few more exposures making sure i was using the 2 sec delay timer  to stop any camera shake.

the most important part was keeping an eye on the tide as it turns quite quick the last thing i needed was soggy boots.

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