crackington haven beach, idea to print - halo-photographic landscape,urban &low light photography
ghostly surfers

This photo of Crackington haven and the others on the Cornwall galleries started life when i first booked a family holiday to Cornwall in September,

We chose this particular area because of the availability of the cottage we rented, which was  Lesnewth north Cornwall, once booked  i started to research the area,  first with yahoo to find the local attractions  and  possible photo opportunities ,Crackington haven was the nearest beach about a 15,i then looked at photos of the beach on flickr and realised i had found something outstanding with it's rock formations and cliffs especially visible at low tide.

it was well known for it's surfing and yet not as popular as some of the other beaches in the area due to it's location,i thought there would be some good opportunities for some early morning or evening shots.

The next step was to use the photographers ephemeris to see were the sun would rise and set it told me the sun would rise over the car park not ideal but would set out  at sea. perfect although it would have been better the other way round as it would be easier to go out early and get back before anyone was up,still the most important detail was the time of the low tide which happened to be in my favour low tide at sunrise and low tide at sunset, i only managed one visit at sunset and this photo above was one of them it was still quite light and about an hour to sunset and quite cloudy and hazy but the rocks had amazing detail and with  the tide just on the turn i wanted detail and clarity in the rocks before they disappeared  under the water,  i wanted the same detail  for the sky so i used a 0.6 and a 0.9 nd grad to keep the sky from blowing out and keeping the detail in the foreground i also added a 0.9 3 stop nd filter to slow the exposure down to blur the water and the distant surfers which also resulted in blending the sky with the sea resulting in  no visible horizon  line which i liked.

i made sure my tripod was on firm ground   removed the filters and did some test  shots to make sure i had back to front sharpness i put my lens in manual mode and reattached  my filters then if wanted a different composition i moved the camera  on the tripod around instead of refocusing to make sure  my  photos were still sharp

my settings were iso 50. shutter speed was 25 seconds, aperture was f 16, lens was 17/40 mm L lens set at 17mm,camera was canon 6d with manfrotto tripod also used the 2 sec timer instead of  remote release,filters were lee nd grads and nd filter,

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