Chelsea bridge walkthrough - halo-photographic landscape,urban &low light photography
follow that trail


first some bridge history.The current Chelsea bridge which spans the river Thames from Chelsea on the north side to Battersea  on the  south side was opened  in 1937 with materials for it's construction sourced from the british empire.The bridge is a self anchoring steel suspension bridge with a 25 m roadway which is suspended using 37 galvanised steel wires there are 3 long flat piers which go deep into the river which support the 3 towers that suspend the  roadway,

It has 5 sets of street lights on either side of the bridge and smaller bulbs fixed to the swooping metal supports which are lit at night, the bridge is honest in it's construction which is what appeals to me it shows you all the rivets and metal work cladding and does not try to hide anything. The bridge is painted mostly white with red trim and blue balustrades but in the 70s it featured more red and people were asking  why Chelsea bridge was painted in Arsenals colours.

The bridge is accessible and not too busy pedestrian wise so you won't be tripping anybody up.The bridge is accessible  from both sides which allow good views over the thames towards the Albert bridge and Battersea power station, good photos can be taken looking up and down the length of the bridge especially late evening/night with the bridge lit up combined with the evening traffic, slow exposure allowing for light trails make for interesting shots a tripod is needed for the long exposure, an exposure of at least 3.5 secs is needed for a more defined light trail and for blurring pedestrians walking by which adds interest and bring life to your photos,being a suspension bridge there is a lot of vibration on the bridge when there is heavy traffic so try to keep  a low exposure time from 1.5 to 5 or 6 secs,by upping the iso to 400 and a av of f11 for a good depth of field.

Photos are best taken on the approaches to the bridge when you are on solid ground or where the supporting towers are where there is less vibration,rain or shine this is one of my favourite bridges in London and is a regular visit.

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